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Karatsu Seaside Hotel: A Haven of Japanese Hospitality
All the best in Japan originates in Kyushu, the southernmost of JapaniLs main islands. And in the heart of Kyushu lies Karatsu, an important and prosperous feudal town, that has successfully managed to adapt to the present while preserving its ancient history, traditions and crafts. The tradition of the Karatsu-yaki, the widely renowned local pottery, is as alive and celebrated today as it was in ancient time. Uniquely situated on the beach, with a compelling view of the scenic Karatsu Bay, Karatsu Seaside Hotel offers you a close encounter with KyushuiLs matchless version of Japanese hospitality. At Karatsu Seaside Hotel we combine the calm and ease of your own home with careful attention to your every need and comfort. As the perfect starting point for your Japanese adventure, we invite you to Kyushu. Visit dynamic Fukuoka, exotic and historic Nagasaki, and experience the best of Japanese hospitality, Kyushu-style, at Karatsu Seaside Hotel.  
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